How much does it cost to hire Little Tipple?

Little Tipple is $600 to hire and includes:

  • Hire of the caravan
  • Glassware for up to 100 quests
  • Caravan wine fridge
  • Delivery within a 30 km radius of Albury

Added extras at an additional cost to you:

  • Glassware for more than 100 guests
  • Hire for more than 8 hours
  • Delivery further than a 30km radius is charged at $1 per kilometre
  • RSA qualified staff

Please contact us for a tailored quote on any of the above.


Does Little Tipple provide drinks?

No. All drinks are to be supplied by the client/event organiser. We require the drinks to be chilled and on location 1 hour prior to being served.

As we are a mobile pop-up bar we do not have a liquor licence but all bar staff are fully certified with RSA certificates. 


Do you need power?

Yes, simply one power port will take care of lights and our wine fridge. If power is not possible we can supply a generator at extra cost.


What are the dimensions of Little Tipple?

2.3m high x 19.3m wide and 3.4m long including drawbar.


Is there a cancellation fee?

We require a non refundable 30% deposit to be paid to secure your booking. If the booking is cancelled within 30 days we will require the full amount of the invoice to be paid.